About EBHE

The Hellenic Federation of Solar Industries (EBIE) founded in 1979. Today I have 22 vectors (current questions solar questions) with questions, queries, vectors and disposal of solar messages, application and 30 assembled (different material for the National Solar System Laboratory) "Demokritos" and the Center for Renewable Energy Sources - CRES).
Greece are available from the results carefully available in the use of solar thermal creation. Over the years, the proportion of installed solar panels dialogues per inhabitant is one of the approaches in Europe. The solar thermal market started 40 years ago. That possibility, making everything Greek households technically electric water heaters for the topicality of hot water, the application, the rising price of the device favors the application of the application of solar-thermal queries. Many companies are required in a few words in a few hours and conquer a year with the image of home and new.
In the EBHE scheme cut ages, the promotion, the application of the logical and scientific projection of the subjects that are simple of the solar image, the dialogue of the solar games, the selection of the differences and the reports that I had to make about the differences and the technology.
EBEE creates as a basic pursuit during the production and distribution of images that I had to supply the objects with the sundial. So to perform the development of the company of EBHE, interoperability, as well as:

    To produce for its products in its information space.
    The problem is to separate legal licenses from the required requirements.
    Laboratory laboratory monitoring on the Internet workshops in the Excessive Access with the required requirements (ISO) or each (CEN).
    Solar water heaters and boilers must leave the CE code clerk and the image display from the required laboratory.
    The company can make "extra" space.

So, the access, the search in EBHE, are the required and required things for every detail to do differently through every time we offer, every time we offer the services of the company-use of EBHE extension and the implementation of the business is .
EBEE also participates in the elaboration of the evolutionary Standards for the appearance and reliability of the solar colors. A member of EBEE is also the developer of the daily sunny use TC312 of CEN (Adult Standards).
EBHE vectors and the initiative of the establishment in technology of the Federation of Solar Energy Industries Federation (ESTIF - European Solar Thermal Industry Federation) based in Brussels and dissertation of various different languages. . E ESTIF expose the solar nature exposure application gradually to Identity, search for each time you ask questions and go ahead with the services you ask for, offer questions, ask questions we offer about solar, report brochures on different and content of nature. of solar application in decorations and burns.



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